Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Household, Family & Friends 4 - Family Spread

Household, Family & Friends 4
Family Spread

Is your immediate family scattered across the United States, or around the world, like ours is? Or are they mostly in one close-together area, like your home town? Which of these situations you face can have a serious bearing on what plans you make as you move into the ‘empty nest’ stage of live and beyond, as we mentioned in a couple of earlier postings.

We have immediate family in Utah, Texas and Missouri. Including our siblings, you must add Alaska, Iowa, Minnesota, and Louisiana. If you move to first cousins, several more states are added. Look or sound familiar? Have you decided where you want to spend your ‘Golden Years?’ Is that term still even used anymore? In planning for your ‘Golden Years’ having you considered this may include you and your spouse living to 100 years old or even older? What impact will that have on your decision? Can you even guess where your children will each be living in 10, 20, or 30 years? Most likely not.

What are you doing to stay actively connect to your close family members spread across the country (and the globe)? We’ll talk more about this issue in future posts. Think about it. Share your thoughts.

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  1. With adult children now living in Chicago, Kentucky, and Spain, we learned a long time ago not to worry about living near our children. Instead, we enjoy the flexibility of a home base and travel trailer.

    Having been both a home owner and full-time RVer without a home, we like a combination approach best. Our home in southern Utah serves as both a "home base" as well as a vacation home. We use our tiny travel trailer to enjoy loop trips across North America to visit friends, family, and sights of interest. A tiny travel trailer provides flexibility to travel when and where we wish. If we need to fly somewhere while we're on-the-road, it's easy to locate a place to temporarily store the trailer. In 2016, we spent about 25 weeks on the road. Although most of our trips were just a couple weeks, we spent 13 weeks traveling in October-January. We plan to travel about 30-40 of 52 weeks in 2017.

    1. Thank you for sharing this distinctive and interesting arrangement. We really do enjoy seeing and hearing where you are and what you are doing!! ;-)

  2. Three of my kids were all over the map - Singapore, Florida, Germany, Washington state, Rhode Island... and several places in BC at least 4 hours away. These days they're closer, but still a distance. Cousins down in California and over in Ontario Canada. It's a challenge to visit them, and I'm not as comfortable driving on highways by myself (divorced). Challenging.

    1. That spread does provide a real challenge, Celia. Thank you, so much, for sharing!! ;-)