Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Household, Family & Friends 2 Tiny House or what?

Household, Family & Friends 2 
Tiny House or what?

As retirement approaches, proper housing for each of us becomes of primary concern. In retirement, the issue does not go away, sometimes it becomes even more critical. Have you thought about it? Of course you have! ;-)

I used the image of the Tiny House, above, for its striking image. I see this as a great tiny house for young folks, but not for older folks. Note the steps. I’m not convinced that tiny houses are for retirement, but ‘to each his own.’ What do you think? Have you considered them, at all. There are now several television shows that provide a lot of information on the tiny house phenomena. Would you live in one?

Are you empty nesters? Still live in your large family home? What would it take to get you in a smaller place? We’ve downsized a couple of times, but many are reluctant to even think about it. We’ll get back to this subject in later posts. Where are you at on the ‘downsizing’ issue?

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  1. Like many others, we've gone through upsizing and downsizing several times. Over the past 40 years, I've lived in lots of different types of housing including tiny apartment, large apartment, duplex, townhouse, condo, suburban house, log house, and rural mountain home. I spent 10 years in a 38 foot motorhome without a place-based home. Home is where ever you choose to live.

    For retirement, we have a dual home plan. First, we built a rural open-plan home in the mountains of south central Utah. It's perfect for two or for large family gatherings and it was specifically designed with aging in mind including wide, handicap accessible doors. We can live on either one floor or two depending on our long-term needs. Second, we purchased a tiny raindrop trailer for traveling. Tiny trailers are easy to manage and perfect for the cross-country travel we long. Ultimately, we look forward to traveling about 2-3 months at a time, then returning to Utah for a couple months before setting out again. It's not for everyone, but perfect for us.

    1. I love your first paragraph... so many folks have missed out on experiencing the different housing arrangements by just staying in one style... even one place.
      Your second paragraph shows how you have really thought this process through - Congratulations! Best wishes in carrying out your plans! ;-)