Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Personal Activities - Photography?

Personal Activities

From 8th Grade, early in the 1950s, photography was my number one hobby. Photography has certainly gone through many transformations in the intervening 60+ years. Today, smartphones make everyone an amateur photographer… or at least they think so! But, photographing something of interest has also become, for most people, an ‘instant gratification’ activity. Another big change, through the years.

There are still few things I enjoy more than a good photographic image, with consideration of composition, lighting and subject matter. I’m pleased that each of our daughters has shown an interest in continuing that tradition. I captured a lot of images over the years… I do wish some of them had been more carefully done, though. But, capturing the moment has been one thing that has endured, over the years. Many of our best memories are supported by a photograph.

I wrote a bit about this here:

Do you use photography to record your family history as you live it? I hope you do. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Use the Comments below, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, to get us started. I’ll be back here, next Wednesday, with more of my thoughts. I await your comments…

Think Positive, Do Good! ;-)


  1. I'm lucky to have a father who took photos throughout my childhood. I agree with you that photos are very important in supporting memories. Like you, I enjoy using photography as a way to document my experiences. I also like to combine sketching and photography when I travel. I find that each of these hobbies provides different insights into an experience. :-)

    1. Great combination, Annette, since you have developed the skills to do it. Your patience to produce really neat sketches is exceptional. Keep up the great work, and fun! ;-)