Monday, February 13, 2017

Community - Empathy


A recent Dan Rather column online talked of having Empathy in our communities. He defined empathy as a case of commonality when contrasted with sympathy, one of separation.

Do you pursue projects in your community where the basis is empathy, a case of commonality? Identifying projects or causes in your own community where you feel empathy is at the heart of successful activism and involvement that we each need to pursue to aid in building our community in a positive way. Again, this applies to whatever you think of as ‘my community.’

Many of us find ourselves surrounded by negativity these days. Reject those negative influences and pursue your own positive thoughts and actions by seeking commonality through empathy. Put yourself in the other person’s position and move positively forward. Work in unison, in commonality, with other members of your community to do good, whatever that may mean for you and your community.

Think Positive, Do Good! ;-)

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Throwback Thursday - 2 February 2017

Throwback Thursday
2 February 2017

Spring of 1954, I believe. Freshman in High School. First Instrumental Music Contest. Solo on the Baritone. Western Iowa, small town school... off to a nearby 'city' for the contest.

So much to note. The setting is 'The Porch' of our farm house near Coon Rapids, Iowa. This was few years off from having actually torn the 'porch' off the house and building this beautiful 'family room' that we still called "The Porch" It was large enough that my younger brothers played basketball in it. Of to the right, in the photo, far end of the room, was a stone fireplace in a wall of bookshelves. To the left, in the photo, was the piano... with the rest of the house on the other side of the wall. Behind me, is the stairs down to the basement. The door to the outside was behind the person taking the doubt, my mother. That is a toy box behind my legs. I do note on the counter, to the left, is my younger brother, Jim's, trombone.

How about that tie? Not to mention the 'sport coat,' and blue shirt! Those were the days, my friends.

Think Positive, Do Good! ;-)

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Personal Activities - Reading

Personal Activities

I mentioned earlier that I do read a lot, in addition to doing some writing.

Actually, reading is my favorite way to gather information, both for knowledge and for entertainment. I do watch television. On occasion I do listen to music, but mostly, I prefer to read. I generally do not care for videos, I do not care for audios. I sometimes have the radio on in the car, but usually just some quiet music… Channel 69, Escape, on XM Radio, is my music of choice. I prefer no words when I drive.

Besides books, which I mentioned briefly before, I read several magazines a week (skim some, read some). I have my preferred readings available on my Mac, on my mini-iPad, and on my iPhone… mostly different on each, with a broad array of reading choices. I read sports reports on one, I read events of the day on another. I read more in-depth reports on another, for example.

I am rather picky about the books I read. I rarely read novels. I generally prefer historical non-fiction, especially biographies, it seems. Or time periods of history, or a series of events, often that include biographical perspectives of the famous and not-so-famous persons in the history of our country. I generally prefer Colonial to pre-Civil War books, but have read on all periods. You can see the books I’ve read at my Book Bazaar blog here:

How do you choose your reading material? Do you read a lot, or very little? I’d like to hear your thoughts… if you have given it any thought. Perhaps you have, now that you’ve read this, and said, I think he is crazy…  ;-)

Use the Comments below, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, to get us started. I’ll be back here, next Wednesday, with more of my thoughts. I await your comments…

Think Positive, Do Good! ;-)