Thursday, June 29, 2017

Throwback Thursday - 4th of July Celebration

Throwback Thursday - 4th of July Celebration

I've used this a few years for a 4th of July photo because of the Silver Dollar City flags in the background...however, I notice we are both wearing jackets... really the 4th of July or not?!?!

P.S. Later: Stumbled upon what suggests the date of this photo was 26 Nov 2010...

Still a fun photo!! Have a Very Happy, Safe and Sane, 4th of July this next week...even a very long weekend for a number of you, I'll bet!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Personal Activities - Computers

Personal Activities - Computers

What was your first, at home, personal computer?

I’m a computer user, not a techie geek, so it is really hard for me to remember. My best recollection is that it was an Apple II with two floppy disk drives in about 1982.

Actually, I found a classic photo of my nephew, Evan, working on it... note the dot matrix printer...

Here is a good story from Wikipedia, Apple II Series article:

The first ‘computer’ in our house was actually in our home office for our business - it was a ‘dumb’ computer terminal that we used for inputing the bookkeeping information for our small business accounting service. The information we input on the terminal was then transmitted via phone lines to the mainframe computer in Illinois where the actual computing and printing occurred. The output was returned to us via postal service, as well. Oh my, so long ago…

I got to thinking about this last night when I found some old papers of very early internet genealogy connections a few years later. I'll share some of these in the coming weeks...

In the meantime, I should step away from the computer, and go for a walk...  ;-)