Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Household, Family & Friends 3 - Downsizing

Household, Family & Friends 3

From last week:
“As retirement approaches, proper housing for each of us becomes of primary concern. In retirement, the issue does not go away, sometimes it becomes even more critical. Have you thought about it? Of course you have! ;-)”

Many of you reading this are in your 40s, 50s, and 60s. Have you given downsizing serious thought? Have you done it? Even the extra money you save could come in real handy in your 70s, 80s, and 90s. Many of you in the above groups will live into your 100s… have you really thought about that?

Today, let’s think mostly about the empty nester couple or single person. How much space do you really need? How much of your house do your actually use regularly? Is that second floor necessary or useful? Use it for the kids coming home two or three times a year? Really?? Think of the heating, insurance, property tax, loan interest, etc. you are 'wasting' with that extra space sitting empty 300+ days out of the year.

A single floor, easy access, house, cabin, condo or apartment will serve you just as well… correct? And, you are in much better physical condition to do the downsizing and make a move now, then you will be a few years. Yes, really, you are. By 60, the aches and pains become much more noticeable, even if you are athletic and active - which most of you are, correct? ;-) It is time to get serious about this. What are you thinking as you read this? Let me know… I’d love to hear from you! ;-)

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  1. Great article Bill. Yes, My wife and I have already downsized. We moved into a smaller one floor home with a beautiful finished basement. So we still have room, and more money to spend.

    1. Wonderful, Sam. Thank you for sharing your experience, and confirming my suggestion! Continue to enjoy your great decision!! ;-)