Monday, January 9, 2017

Get Involved 2

Get Involved 2

Get involved in your community by attending a meeting of one of your local governmental organizations that administer your ‘community’ entities - did you know they were open to the public to attend, watch and listen?

Have you attended a meeting of your city council? Board of Commissioners or Supervisors? Local School Board? These are places where important decisions are made that have a direct effect on your every day live in your community. Get to know the people who represent you in these organizations. Perhaps you will see a committee you would like to become involved with… attendance at these meetings is the first step. Let your representative know you appreciate their efforts on your behalf. If you ever have a complaint, they would like to hear that, as well. And, it will be taken much more seriously if you have already made their acquaintance, and they know you are sincere by your attendance at some of their meetings. It all works together, you will notice.

Whether or not you ever consider running for an elected seat on one of the councils or boards, attending, getting to know the incumbents, and showing interest are also the first steps in that process. By attending, and observing, you might find you have more interest in continued involvement than you previously thought. Give it a try. Get Involved! ;-)

Think Positive, Do Good! ;-)


  1. This is a great idea. As the president of a non-profit, I find that it's useful to periodically request to be placed on the agenda of local government groups such as the County Commissioners to share the activities of the organization. Local government agencies are interested in what's happening in the community.

    1. Excellent example, Annette. This is an activity each of us should consider at some point. First, you are involved in a volunteer capacity in a critical community organization. Then, you make your activities known to a local unit of government. Well done. Keep up the good work. ;-)