Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Household, Family & Friends

Household, Family & Friends

In retirement, household, family, and friends may well be the primary focus of attention most of the time. Certainly, my genealogy blog, Dr. Bill Tells Ancestor Stories, has been a focus of a lot of my efforts in recent years. I’ll make reference to posts on that blog regularly as we discuss some of these important issues.

Do you have a genealogy blog? Do you find that Facebook has often taken over for your blog in some aspects of your postings? I certainly have. Facebook has taken on a much bigger role in family and friends relationships than I would ever have imagined. What do you think? Is this a positive or a negative thing? Or, do you find your experience to be different?

The series of posts here on Tuesdays, in this category, will also take on such disparate topics as Tiny Houses, downsizing, use of storage facilities and many other issues. What would you like to see comments on? I hope we can develop some real conversations, using the Comments below, or Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, as well.

Will you take the opportunity to leave a comment? Hope so! ;-)

Think Positive, Do Good! ;-)


  1. I find that Facebook serves three purposes:
    1) Essential connections with my immediate family through personal pages as well as "closed" group page.
    2) Important connections with close friends and family through sharing photos and keeping in touch.
    3) Informal connections with acquaintances and others from my past. Not essential, but still lots of fun.
    Each serves a different function, but is an easy way to stay in touch.

    1. I really do agree on these three purposes. The "closed" group page has been especially useful, in my view. For the third group you list, I do like the description, "Not essential, but still lots of fun."
      Remembering to stick with these three purposes can help a person not waste a lot of time on Facebook! ;-)