Thursday, January 12, 2017

Throwback Thursday, January 12, 2017

Throwback Thursday
January 12, 2017

This photo image takes us back to rural Iowa in the Fall of 1953 - Don't you just love the curtains and the wallpaper???

I am drinking a Pepsi straight from the bottle... real cool! How about that shirt, as well. We were Freshmen in High School, this was a gathering of the MYF (Methodist Youth Fellowship), on a Thursady evening, as I recall. Our MYF was affiliated with our rural Star Methodist Church, but I think we had invited the nearby Coon Rapids MYF young folks to join us, as well, though not shown here. The young lady in the middle is my future wife (of approaching 58 years), Nancy... though we were still nearly two years away from our first date, at this time. She was much more sophisticated, and I was still pretty much a country bumpkin, though improving, slowly!! ;-)

Our friend on the left in the photo, Pat, died recently I am sad to report.

Though Nancy and I were 'just friends' at this point, we had many interactions that fall. We were in all the same classes in High School, except gym and Home Economics/Future Farmers of America, of course. We were also together in both band and vocal music. That fall, we were assigned to the same mixed quartet to try out for All State Chorus... and we were selected!! Recently, in the Coon Rapids Enterprise, there was a big story about a student being chosen all four years. Well, Nancy and I were also chosen all four years... from the same quartet... with the other two being different each year. In addition, a classmate, Andy, was also chosen all four years... one year with us. It was both an honor, and a great experience.

Think Positive, Do Good! ;-)


  1. You still fold up the arms on long sleeve shirts exactly the same way. It also looks like a shirt you'd have in your closet. Some habits never change. ;-)

    1. My Dad always folded his shirt sleeves exactly like that, as well... ;-)