Friday, January 13, 2017

Food & Fitness Friday 2

Food & Fitness Friday 2

Continuing from last Friday, when I shared that my daughter, Annette, got me a Garmin vivosmart HR Activity Tracker (watch) for Christmas… Thank you, Annette, again. What I didn’t mention was that she also got one for herself, and for her sister, Allison. Allison is just getting used to hers this week (she told me at dinner at Olive Garden, a while ago… it is Wednesday!) She still has her display on horizontal. Annette and I changed ours to vertical within an hour after taking it out of the box. Only time will tell how long until she switches…  ;-)

Last week I also mentioned how I cleverly left the battery charger in Austin when we returned to Branson, and that my watch had gone to sleep. Well, this led to a long and curious Postal Office error (see very few of these!) in getting the charger from Austin to Branson. Arrion paid a premium price for quick service. They started out with a 5 day, unexplained delay - expect for “sorry, your package has been delayed” over the New Year’s holiday weekend plus. Then, the package shows up (we have the tracking information!) in a small town east of Kansas City… Four days later, it made its way back through Kansas City, then Springfield, to Hollister - and I got it the next day. P.S. In the meantime, Nancy ordered a new charger on Amazon and it arrived the same day at the first one. Interesting experience. And now, we have a spare!! (Inexpensive, thank you.)

Share your Christmas gift experiences!! Thanks - I look forward to your comments.

Your comments on Food and Fitness plans for January and beyond are welcome in the Comments!!

Think Positive, Do Good! ;-)


  1. I love the horizontal feature of my Garmin! The only thing I don't like about it is the way the underneath section isn't smooth. I don't like the way the heartbeat monitor pokes into my skin. Otherwise, it's been great... and more accurate than my old one.

    1. I haven't the 'unsmooth' but I have noticed the green lights... weird! My life now seems to be surrounded by little lights, of various colors, all over the cabin...