Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Personal Activities - Where to start?

Personal Activities - Where to start?

My intent with the five daily themes for this blog was to have the opportunity to talk about virtually anything within the five… perhaps this is as close to ‘Other’ as any, do you suppose?

When attempting to describe my current personal activities I tend to reply: “reading and writing.” Since retiring, I’ve read over 120 books, written a half dozen or more, kept up a handful of blogs, read daily news online, and written, perhaps, over 200 short stories or articles online. So, why start an entirely new blog, now, and why call it a Lifestyle Blog?

I recent years, I’ve written mostly fiction. I’d tended to avoid essays. I’ve written about heritage travel and genealogy related material, I’ve rarely gotten very personal except with family history type stuff. With the new year, I’ve decided it would be useful to turn to a new page, and write about some of the stuff I have avoided in recent years. I’ve notice a number of celebrities, ‘reality tv’ folks, and others doing “life-style” blogs. Why not me? Well, for one, I’ll not be doing it to earn a living or to make money. My hope is to generate some conversations. Whether this happens or not will likely determine the life span of this blog. I’ve noticed it is very hard, these days, to have a conversation in any format, online or in person. Our attention spans are so short, our interests are so limited. Perhaps my hope is doomed from the start. Only time will tell.

Are you interested in having conversations? Personal activities are a good place to start. What are you doing that you’d like to talk about with someone. I’m here. I’ll listen, and respond. Use the Comments below, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, to get us started. I’ll be back here, next Wednesday, with a topic of my choosing. I await your comments…

Think Positive, Do Good! ;-)

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