Monday, January 30, 2017

Community - Thank Someone Today

Thank Someone Today

Today’s suggestion: Whatever community of which you are a part - Thank Someone Today, for what they have done recently to make that community better (by your definition and interests)!

We should thank people regularly for their contributions to our society, in whatever way. But, sometimes we need a little nudge. This is that nudge, for you, and me, today. This suggestion is also a reminder to think about the community, or communities, of which you are a part… especially those where you are an active participant. It may be a physical location, or it may be a social group. You decide. Think about it. Thank Someone Today.

You do not need to share, but if you have a thought related to this suggestion, we welcome your comments, as always.

What will you do? Leave a comment here or on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. Create a post on your blog. Talk to a friend or neighbor.

Think Positive, Do Good! ;-)