Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Household, Family & Friends 6 - Have your Facebook Friends changed over the past year?

Household, Family & Friends 6
Have your Facebook Friends changed over the past year?

Back on January 3, when I first posted under this HFF theme, my oldest daughter, Annette, responded to the Facebook comment this way, which I thought was very useful:

“I find that Facebook serves three purposes:
1) Essential connections with my immediate family through personal pages as well as "closed" group page.
2) Important connections with close friends and family through sharing photos and keeping in touch.
3) Informal connections with acquaintances and others from my past. Not essential, but still lots of fun.
Each serves a different function, but is an easy way to stay in touch.”

First, do you agree with this assessment, or do you find you use Facebook differently (assuming you use Facebook at all, of course!)?

Second, do you feel you use Facebook differently now than you did, say, a year ago? How? Why?

Third, do you find you are spending more or less time on Facebook now than you did a year ago?

Finally, have the friends you regularly follow and communicate with via Facebook changed from a year ago? How? Why? Have you given it any thought? Has it been intentional?

Think about it. Share your thoughts.

Please use the Comments below, or Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, to let us hear from you.

Will you take the opportunity to leave a comment? Hope so! ;-)

Think Positive, Do Good! ;-)


  1. I've found my use of Facebook has changed dramatically over time. In the beginning, I used it a lot for connecting to professional colleagues and reconnecting with high school/college friends. I also went through a period where I used it a lot for local connections with neighbors and local events. Most recently, I've shifted to more personal uses focusing on sharing what's of personal interest with family and close friends. Today, I do very little re-posting. Instead, I focus on sharing personal photographs or events of interest such as sports results. Personally, I really liked the closed group option for internal family sharing.

    1. Thank you for that observation. I hope others will comment, as well. I've seen somewhat similar changes, as well, but each of us is a bit different.

  2. I like posting/sharing things...maybe not as much as I use too...but like to share...though i don't get as many comments from people as much as i use too.... I've noticed it's harder to see 'everyone's' posts...just the way FB is these days...too much posting..or business postings....I still think it's a great way to communicate with those you might not talk with...if FB wasn't here....of course..love family info and pictures!

    1. Yes, so many ‘sponsored’ posts do make a big difference!