Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Personal Activities - Travel in 1961

Personal Activities - Travel in 1961

Summer time is often travel time for families, and has been 'forever' in many ways. Even most covered wagon travel was during the summer. Now, we are able to share our travels with family and friends on Facebook and other social media. What fun!

Recently, on Facebook, many have been sharing a U.S. map of the states, with the states they have visited colored in...usually purple, it seems. Some note how proud they are of how many states they've visited, others lament how many they have not visited.

In addition, our oldest daughter, Annette, and her husband, Larry, have been touring the Great Lakes region this summer, a six month tour. I've shared before some of our early travels to suggest she got the 'travel bug' early on - just a part of her life. 

Here is another one, with much to think about. This is dated 31 May 1961...I had just graduated from Iowa State University, and we were driving to California to start our new life there. Nancy and Annette at the Grand you can't stand there, today! ;-)

Where are you going this year that you haven't visited before? Which new states will you visit? There is so much to see, do, and learn in each of our 50 states...don't let too many years go by before you have checked them all out, and widen the experiences available to you and your family! ;-)

Happy Travels!! ;-)


  1. With so many places to visit, it's never too early to start working on your "bucket list" of places to explore. It sounds like your statement "bet you can't stand there, today" is a challenge. I look forward to seeing if I can find the place this photo was taken!

    1. I was thinking of safety fences, but I'd love to have you find it... I don't recall ever seeing this particular view, with the river like that, before... ;-)