Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Personal Activities - Reading

Personal Activities

I mentioned earlier that I do read a lot, in addition to doing some writing.

Actually, reading is my favorite way to gather information, both for knowledge and for entertainment. I do watch television. On occasion I do listen to music, but mostly, I prefer to read. I generally do not care for videos, I do not care for audios. I sometimes have the radio on in the car, but usually just some quiet music… Channel 69, Escape, on XM Radio, is my music of choice. I prefer no words when I drive.

Besides books, which I mentioned briefly before, I read several magazines a week (skim some, read some). I have my preferred readings available on my Mac, on my mini-iPad, and on my iPhone… mostly different on each, with a broad array of reading choices. I read sports reports on one, I read events of the day on another. I read more in-depth reports on another, for example.

I am rather picky about the books I read. I rarely read novels. I generally prefer historical non-fiction, especially biographies, it seems. Or time periods of history, or a series of events, often that include biographical perspectives of the famous and not-so-famous persons in the history of our country. I generally prefer Colonial to pre-Civil War books, but have read on all periods. You can see the books I’ve read at my Book Bazaar blog here:

How do you choose your reading material? Do you read a lot, or very little? I’d like to hear your thoughts… if you have given it any thought. Perhaps you have, now that you’ve read this, and said, I think he is crazy…  ;-)

Use the Comments below, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, to get us started. I’ll be back here, next Wednesday, with more of my thoughts. I await your comments…

Think Positive, Do Good! ;-)


  1. Since I review books for children and young adults, I spend lots of time reading those. For personal pleasure my tastes have changed over time. I generally read a wide range of nonfiction and an occasional work of general fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, or adventure mystery. I particularly like narrative nonfiction such as Erik Larsen.

    I like to binge watch video series such as The Walking Dead. I watch sports for relaxation while doing lego or art projects.

    I'm tired of politics so I quickly scan the news online before moving on.

    My brain is always working so I'm always doing something that involves reading, writing, or watching.

    1. Thank you, Annette. Your power of concentration on what you are doing is exceptional. I hope others will provide such a fine reply, as well! ;-)

  2. I love to read..but haven't read as much as I used to. I love choosing books to read and sharing the good books I have find with family and friends. When I read, I DO tend to read alot more fiction than my father or older sister...with psychological thrillers and cozy mysteries being my favorite. I've read a few non fiction books...but enjoy fiction more ( I do love historical fiction...) I relax watching movies in theaters or DVD...and binge watching tv shows ....Imagination and dreaming whether book, tv or movie and sharing these...makes me happy....

    1. Thank you, Allison. You are truly an ambassador of books and reading. Thank you! Your reading habits are likely much more in line with the general public... those that do read, of course. Keep up the good work! ;-)