Monday, February 13, 2017

Community - Empathy


A recent Dan Rather column online talked of having Empathy in our communities. He defined empathy as a case of commonality when contrasted with sympathy, one of separation.

Do you pursue projects in your community where the basis is empathy, a case of commonality? Identifying projects or causes in your own community where you feel empathy is at the heart of successful activism and involvement that we each need to pursue to aid in building our community in a positive way. Again, this applies to whatever you think of as ‘my community.’

Many of us find ourselves surrounded by negativity these days. Reject those negative influences and pursue your own positive thoughts and actions by seeking commonality through empathy. Put yourself in the other person’s position and move positively forward. Work in unison, in commonality, with other members of your community to do good, whatever that may mean for you and your community.

Think Positive, Do Good! ;-)


  1. I think that empathy comes from spending the time to think about an issue from multiple perspective.

    1. Very well put, Annette, thank you for your comment! ;-)